Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's random photos

So I was in Surabaya for about 5 days to arrange things for my uni and I took pictures with my phone. I forgot my camera, and well, LOL the pictures aren't connected with anything at all. Just felt like taking them :)

A piece of broken glass.

A freakin' huge clock. I actually want that on my wall.

A shoe made out of chocolate!

I realize that there really is no point in taking these pictures, let alone sharing them but whatever - they're interesting.


  1. LOL, chocolate shoes, you can eat that when you're tired walking around the mall XD

    mw UC jga toh, haha, masuk VCD kah?
    Ospeknya gampang-gampang susah sih sbenernya, siap2 kopi aja, hahaha

  2. GAH !! I want that shoe *-* !!
    but why was it made by chocolate x.x !?
    I want a REAL shoe xD !!
    it looks great anywayz ;P !!