Friday, June 24, 2011

June rant

God, I know I haven't posted anything in ages. Don't blame me, but blame my internet connection. Anyways, a lot of things happened this month. First up, is the graduation ceremony. It's official! I'm out of high school! LOL all the pictures are crappy, so I'm posting the one where you can't see anything.

And then the yearbook showed up and well yeah, our class page was designed by me. The theme was: vintage. We specifically did a photo shoot also for this too.

The first page.

The pictures were taken on the roof, right outside the art room.

The second page.

We went to this bowling place and had the photo shoot there. My friends picked out their own candids (except for those who couldn't make the photo shoot) and everything turned out fine. I'm pleased with this.

And then there was prom. I'm on the right side. The one on the left is E and yeah... I didn't actually ask permission from her to use this picture but I think she'll be okay with that.

That was like the last time all of us got together. Two days ago, Jay got on the plane and flew to America for uni and I think that one of my best friends would leave also, only this time to Australia. We were like, oh my God, we don't know anybody out there.

But well, time moves on.

Look, even Bill is smiling. Chus for now leute.


  1. Selamat udah keluar dari SMA! hahaha
    lanjut dmn rencananya?

    wehh, enak ya, aku jga mw coba bowling, hahaha

    Klo buat desain sih aku prefer Mac, harganya emng agak lebih mahal, tpi skrg aku ga nyesel beli Mac :D

  2. *tears* *sinf* ,,,
    my sweenEd !!
    my baby TT.TT !!
    she's a Uni student !!

    I oved the picz !! you look BEATIFUL !!
    wish you the best love <333 !!!

    LOVE U !! MISS U A LOT <3 xoxo !!