Friday, July 15, 2011

the final touch

I finally added the finishing touch! I did the photos in sort of like a sequence mode to get the dramatic effect.

I know that it's just my name but that actually completes the whole thing. What whole thing? Don't tell me you forgot about my 4 months (well, 1, actually) project!

I will miss it. BADLY.
Yes, I do need the capitals. And the italic and bold font.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

It started with 2, right?

That was a question from my friend. Let’s repeat that again to emphasize it.

How are there so many different skin colors when it all started with 2 people?

Good question. I thought hard about it. So, yes. Adam and Eve. They had like, what, 6 billion kids who marry each other. So we have a worldwide freaking incest. Ah, beautiful. We are all family even though I don’t speak Inuit or look like a Brazilian.

Back to the question. I came up with two different thoughts:

  1. Since Adam and Eve had so many children, I figured that they all would have totally different lifestyles and of course, that contributed to the genes that causes skin color to change…in theory. Some kind of mutation but not as badass as X-Men. And then they fall in love with each other, blah, blah and blah, and different kinds of people appear. Supported with the building of the huge-and-tall-tower (of which I forgot the name) and with God making chaos on the language…blah, blah, and blah, different countries, different types of people, and then comes the Nazi’s and basically, etc.
  2. God was just having fun in experimenting with us which was all in his plan.

Well, Jay said that, “I mean, they can’t make 10 totally different looking kids can they? They must be talented!”

I LOL-ed. No offense. But really, they got to be real talented. Maybe if Darwin’s evolution theory was right then we can relate that to the difference of skin colors. Just telling you guys, I’m not racist. I see people as who they are – their personality.

It’s sad when you see someone judging another human being because of their looks, don’t you think?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

English class

I was completely bored in English class a long time ago (Maybe not that long ago, probably around 4 months ago). We were supposed to be studying about bibliography and footnotes. I simply plugged in my iPod and ignored the teacher. And also, I came up with these. I didn't even remember that I had this!

Nosaund Atall – “Dead Silence”
New York: Frightful Inc. 1991
o Urban Legends by Scarewhit (1861)

Sucha Lus. R. – “Sunset”
Forks: Shameless Copy 2006
o Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2004)
“Eduardo stared at Birch hungrily[1] with his black eyes.”

[1] Actually, at the pizza in her hand. He had not eaten anything in the morning.

Nott Aluck – “Trial and Error”
Berlin: Neva Wright co. 1899
o Pure mathematics 2 & 3 by Hugh Neill and Douglas Quadling (1799)
“He struggled with the math in front of his eyes. His brain clicked at the same time he almost folded his cards.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July's random photos

So I was in Surabaya for about 5 days to arrange things for my uni and I took pictures with my phone. I forgot my camera, and well, LOL the pictures aren't connected with anything at all. Just felt like taking them :)

A piece of broken glass.

A freakin' huge clock. I actually want that on my wall.

A shoe made out of chocolate!

I realize that there really is no point in taking these pictures, let alone sharing them but whatever - they're interesting.