Monday, May 23, 2011

L'uomo Vogue magazine

I bet there would be pictures of Georg without his shirt on.
I bet that the sale of the magazine would double, no, triple in a short time.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guitarist magazine

Won't say anything much.
Boredom + brain-stuck-on-school-essay = this.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girlfriend magazine + dream

Who doesn't know about this magazine? Raise of hands?
Anyway, I bought the May issue of the Indonesian edition and when browsing through it, I saw an artwork from one of the readers. It features a made-up cover of the magazine. I thought, hey, why don't I try and make that? So I did.

For Indonesian Tokio Hotel fans, it seems like that their management haven't heard of Indonesia. I sent the design to the official email of the magazine and - fingers crossed - they would consider Bill to be on the cover of the next edition. Then maybe TH's management would look up the map, point to Indonesia, and go, "WE HAVEN'T BEEN HERE!"

little garden

My sister bought this ceramic ornament - I think it's a place for her to put pencils and pens and stuff...damn, I'm having a brain overload, I can't remember what it's called... Anyway, it has this really boring color. Gold, beige, blue, pink, purple... It's supposed to be a garden I think but, come on, really?!

 It's so...dull. I took the liberty of tweaking it a bit. Result:


Now, it's a garden.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

20 minutes of vandalising

My extra Lit class had just finished and I was bored while waiting for my sister. My friend was busy with her Chemistry stuff and I just had to do something.
Paper? Boring.
Wooden locker door? Interesting place.

I might get detention though. Oh well.

Monday, May 9, 2011

farewell rant

People have various things that they held on to. Kids held on to their blankets because they are reminded of home. Parents held on to pictures, for they are printed memories. Others could cling on to drugs, or like a ring, or like - GEEZ - whatever thing that reminds them of SOMETHING.

Or because that one thing just holds their life.
Oooh, what am I aiming at?
That's right. I lost the tiny thing that defines my life: my USB. My freakin' Kingston USB.
Oooh, I am so lame.
That USB is filled with lots of my most important things:
  1. Pictures (recent pictures of friends, precious memories, banners, MY ART)
  2. Photoshop trials (the hours I spent tweaking them, the hours I spent on studying on how to get the perfect hue or shadow, the hours I spent on various little projects which grew big, also for MY ART)
  3. Yearbook designs (three of them, a total of about 5 hours? and the deadline to give them in is Friday)
  4. Stories (ah, yes, this one is the second most crucial because even though I can get the copy from the website in which I posted them, one story, my last one, my FINAL ONE, which has reached chapter 4, written in such detail that I have to say that it looks like a movie, is now gone)
  5. Art (the interview, both the written one and the audio - gone - the essay which had reached around 2500 words - gone - the designs I made for the final for 1st June - GONE - my effort - gone)
 Needless to say, I raced back like a maniac through the road to get to school (6 pm, and my school at that time is creepy as fuck). I ran up the stairs to get to the place where I most likely lost my USB. I looked everywhere. It's not there. I hope that one of the helpers retrieved it and kept it and when I questioned it tomorrow morning, she would have it. Tonight, I will gorge myself on Ritter Sport Whole Almonds chocolate and on some red Hatten.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I used to hate dolls. They scare the crap out of me. Okay, I still don't like them very much now. I don't understand people who said that they are cute. When I see them - especially the baby ones, or the ones that can blink, or the ones that can TALK - I usually turn around and run away from the area. I used to have dreams where they come alive and start to attack you. Yes, I watched Chucky 1, 2, and 3.

But these dolls? U-noa dolls? I want them bad. They are still creepy in a way, but, again, I want them bad.

Hmm...most of them are girls. It's rather hard to find a male U-noa dolls. I have some pictures of the male ones, and I think they are the most gorgeous ones: Tokio Hotel.





Prices are unbelievably high though. I better start saving. *rushes off*